Best advice

I am full of advice. That’s because I am an observer not a participator. From the sidelines, I have a different perspective than being in the field. Ask me anything, I’ll explain my view to you. That’s what I do, I attempt to solve things.

Here are some examples.

I can tell you that someone who has all the answers probably got that way from making all the mistakes. So, get in there and do it. Mistakes are just learning experiences.

Beauty is not always eye-level. Sometimes it invokes other senses. Sometimes the eyes are a poor judge of beautiful.

Life is all about practice. No one ever really masters this ride we are on called life. I myself am in a constant state of practice. In this case, practice does not make perfect. It just makes another day of practice.

A paradox of life is to know that if you play to win it’s okay to lose. As long as you give your best losing is a valid option. Your best effort is what counts.

Find one person you can be you with. No filters. No facade. Just you.

And finally, no one ever heeds advice unless it matches their own voice. Even if I shared a list of my best advice quotes it would not matter unless you already agree with it. In the end, it’s your own voice you will listen to and follow.

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