My Quest for Personal Power. But in a good kinda way.

I recently read this blog post by my friend Stephanie.  Two days later, I was embroiled in a family conflict.  I could feel gray hairs popping out from my latest dye job from stress as I thought about Steph’s words.  But it was stress I brought on myself.

If I would have communicated better early on, I may not have gotten an upset stomach.  Nor would I have been tempted to play the blame game.  Or label a certain someone as a bossy brat (even if it is apropos).  And perhaps, I wouldn’t have been tempted to become a hermitess and disown certain extended family members  (I admit, I muttered, “who needs family?”).

There is a finesse to good communication skills.  A person, especially a woman, who takes charge, is quickly labeled with the negative connotation of being “bossy.”  I know I’ve done it.  Personally, I need to learn positive communication habits.  Or in other words, how to say what I want and then hear what I may not want to hear.  I believe poor communication habits have led to 90% of the stress in my life.  And maybe even my premature gray hair (just kidding, that was genetic).

Perhaps, perfect communication skills will be a key in obtaining the utopian society we all strive for.  Until then, in the words of John Mayer, I need to say what I need to say.  If I don’t, I can’t blame other people for my stress.

2 thoughts on “My Quest for Personal Power. But in a good kinda way.

  1. Well, if it makes you feel better, I’ve got my own stressful family situation going on (extended fam – the hubby, kids and I are all good). Despite doing what I thought was right, and expressing my feelings appropriately, I’m still being painted as a villain. The good news is that I have no guilt. The bad news is that doing the right thing doesn’t guarantee that anybody will admire me for it.

    Now excuse me, because I need to go dye my own gray hair.

  2. I see the common problem for both of us is family and not communication. 🙂 It appears there is no easy one solution. Good luck with yours!

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