Finding time

“I wish I could find the time to do…” Feel free to fill in the blank here.

Guess what? Here’s a little secret I have learned: no one finds time. Mainly because time doesn’t hide. It sits wide open for everyone to see. Twenty-four hours a day. That is what is on the table. You can do with it as you please. If you wait to find time though, it will slip through your fingers.

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In the defense of to-do lists

Why is there so much loathing and hatred for to-do lists?  Characters in movies and books are mocked for making lists and many a hero’s journey involves getting rid of her (it’s usually a her) to-do list. Once the character learns to live life without the heinous list she (again, usually a female) really learns to live.  For a to-do list has been the culprit holding her back in life and making life unenjoyable.   Really?  Continue reading

Ta-Do Lists

I made a to-do list for this weekend because I mean business.  Every Friday during the last half-hour of work (because let’s face it, I always start the weekend at least a half-hour before clocking out – no matter what time I leave) I take a few minutes and write my to-do list for the weekend.  It’s usually a bit lofty and a very idealistic.  I don’t make a list to help jog my memory of what I need to do; it would take more than a list that typically gets left on the coffee table all weekend to accomplish that feat.  The sole purpose of the to-do list is for the satisfaction of crossing an item off.  Oh, it feels so good.  Conversely, when I have a lazy weekend, á la last weekend, the list just mysteriously disappears sometime before Sunday night. 

But this weekend is going to be different and I’ve already been able to cross off the first five items on my list.  When I get this blog done, I’ll have six things done and finished.  But this might take a while. I’m starting to zone out a bit. 

My sister, NJ, is moving to Idaho and my parents bought a shed to store her furniture in until she gets settled.  The shed is made of wood and needs painting.  That was task number three on my list.  If I would have known how hard it is to paint a wooden shed, it would have been the only thing on my list.  But, as the evening came on and the shadows grew longer, it became easier and went much faster.  Of course, when I look at it tomorrow in the morning light, it’s probably not going to look so pretty.

I have to apologize to any teachers out there who might read the title of this blog and cringe.  I mention teachers specifically because they are usually the most protective of the English language.  Before you verbally stone me, let me explain.  I used to watch a lot of musicals.  Even though I don’t any more I am still waiting for the day when I will find myself in one.  The passersby will break into a synchronized dance and I will get to sing.  Not only that, but I will be able to sing.  Ah, dreams. Stay with me, I’m almost to the actual explanation.  Until that moment, I keep a sound track in my head chronicling certain aspects of my life.  Think of the pink panther: ta-do, ta-do, ta-do ta-do ta-do, ta-do, ta-doooo, ta-ta-ta-do.

Hmm, did I mention I spent hours painting a shed this evening and I’m a bit tired?