Finding time

“I wish I could find the time to do…” Feel free to fill in the blank here.

Guess what? Here’s a little secret I have learned: no one finds time. Mainly because time doesn’t hide. It sits wide open for everyone to see. Twenty-four hours a day. That is what is on the table. You can do with it as you please. If you wait to find time though, it will slip through your fingers.

You also can’t make time. Twenty-four hours a day. No more, no less.

So we can’t find time and we certainly can’t create time, what can we do? The only thing in our power is to make some space in the time we are given. Create a niche. A nook. A cranny.

Is there something you want to accomplish? Someone you want to see? Only you can make it happen. Time doesn’t care if you accomplish anything. It ticks on; always on schedule.

No, if there is something that needs done it is up to you to make it happen. It is your schedule, not time’s, that is changeable. You fit into your schedule what you want to fit in. Anything else gets blamed on time. A flimsy excuse that fools no one. All that means is whatever doesn’t fit in your schedule is not a priority. Your focus is elsewhere. And time is the scapegoat.

So, do what needs done. Visit who needs visited. Make it happen now because time will never be found.

4 thoughts on “Finding time

  1. In the moment seems to be the only way to live. Time feels to a large extent man made, but also not. It’s a weird thing time, and something we can do absolutely nothing about. So annoying!!😔

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