The simple attitude of gratitude

This last week, Americans congregated in groups and feasted. On Thursday, food, football, and family was the norm. Although the day can be passed in a variety of ways choosing any combination of the 3 or even none at all. I, myself, like the big 3 on Thanksgiving day.

But what I really like is the opportunity and reminder to focus on gratitude for a moment. I can get caught up in all the to-dos of life and all my wants and needs that I forget what I already do have.

There are a few things I want said at my funeral. One, that I had the ability to make people laugh. I think there are a lot of things that can make someone stressed and sad. I hope to be someone that can bring cheer and hope.

The other attribute I hope to be noted for is my gratitude. I’d hate to get to the end of my life and someone characterize me as ungrateful. That is not the vibe I want to put out there.

I hope there are other good things said about me as well but those two qualities are the ones I actually try to work on every single day.

I guess the good news is if I fail at either of these traits I actually won’t be at my funeral to hear about it. But I do hope that is not the case.

3 thoughts on “The simple attitude of gratitude

  1. I don’t know actually we can be present in our own funerals but I also want to hear about people’s reaction about me.😄well shared.🙌

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