Pride and Prejudice…the next generation

I always claim that Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice is my favorite novel. That’s a pretty lofty claim since I read it once in my twenties. Let me paint a bigger picture for you. When I was younger, probably until I hit my forties, I’d have to describe myself as a romantic dreamer. I admit, I lived somewhere up in the clouds always waiting for my ship to come in. My prince to come. Because I was sure both would arrive. Probably together. [insert forehead hand slap here]. Let’s just say, the dreamer woke up. So, with my mature realistic (some would say cynical) view of life I was curious. Would Pride and Prejudice hold up without all that romantic idealism in the way? I decided to test it out and give it another read just to see. To be honest, I was nervous. If it failed what would take its place as my favorite? Here are a few of my thoughts on Pride and Prejudice 40’s edition.

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