I Prayed for Wisdom

I prayed for wisdom

and immediately did something foolish.

Were my words wasted?

Was my prayer useless?I prayed for wisdom

but had to practice faith that day

because a foolish act required

divine guidance to help me on my way.

And I did arrive safe and sound

though I traveled the harder route

I was able to see God’s hand

to make it all come about.

I prayed for wisdom

and also some kindness I could learn

but my foolish mistake meant

the time came for me to take a turn

to graciously accept and receive.

Not how I thought the answer would be.

I learned a lesson in kindness

by the kindness shown to me.

I prayed for wisdom

and the gift to give mercy at last.

To rise about the mockery

and overlook the painful past.

Again, the lesson quietly given

in a way I didn’t expect to see.

I required mercy to continue

and it was given to me.

I prayed for wisdom

bur practiced a foolish act.

Surely I was further away

from keeping my goal on track.

Obviously, a fool acts not wise

but yet with profound conclusiveness

a lesson may be hard learned

wisdom gained through foolishness.

© 2018 ck’s days

3 thoughts on “I Prayed for Wisdom

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