See What Happened Was

Yes, I know better.  I’ve been careful to not mention any names in my blog.  Not only to protect privacy but also to keep names out of the googlesphere.  For example, one of my nieces could apply for a job and her prospective employer Googles her name.  I don’t want something I view as a cute anecdote such as “Family Prayer” to be an embarrassing hindrance.   Or a worst case scenario, at least, according to them, (gasp) a boyfriend could stumble on one of my blogs.  It’s the 21st century way to embarrass the young’uns.

So yes, I know better.  But when I stumbled upon a tour RV of a band I had to include the name.  After all, I have a daily readership of 2.5 people and I’m one of them.  I just don’t get a lot of traffic on my little blog.  Plus, the name of the group had to be included because, well, it was such a cool name.

I included it in my blog “Mini Road Trip.”  And then, I forgot about it.  You probably have noticed I refuse to mention the name again.  Let me explain why.

A month after I wrote the blog, my mom was taken by ambulance to the hospital.  She was transported from our local hospital to Salt Lake.  The whole family, except for me, spent all day Sunday with her.  The initial plan was I would join them later.  But plans changed and I spent Sunday by myself.  That night, physically and mentally exhausted, I checked my email before going to sleep.

I had one email telling me I had a comment on my blog “Mini Road Trip.”  It said, “This is [martial art, mythical night creature] and I can always see you when your driving on the freeway every day, all the time forever!”  Oh, dang me! So much for sleep, I was suddenly wide awake.  Who knew these 21st century night creatures were tech savvy?  At first I laughed because I thought it was a good joke.  Or was it a joke? My smile disappeared as I realized I now had to fall asleep.  By myself.  And I just ticked off Dracula.  Who, you know, does his business at night.  Oh, dang, dang me!

I didn’t approve the comment right away but I was so exhausted I fell asleep rather quickly.  During the night, I could feel my lip swell up.  I don’t believe in curses.  I don’t think I do.  When I woke up in the morning, my top lip was the size of a marble and I had a cold sore right in the middle.  There was no hiding it so I embraced it.  My response to people who asked about my lip was, “I was kissed by a [v] last night.”

The next day, when it was light and I was surrounded by witnesses, I could laugh about it again.  That afternoon, I received another email.  A link to my blog was included in the band’s newsletter with the headline, “A blogger spots the [martial art, mythical night creature] bus in route [sic] to Salt Lake and lives to tell about it.”  This just keeps getting better and better.

In the end, I approved the comment and the pingback.  I thought it better to accept it than to receive any harassment for being cowardly.  And by accepting the pingback, my readership doubled for the day.  Although I have been jumping at shadows and checking behind me a few extra times.  And I’m telling everyone my story in case I suddenly disappear.  Check with the martial art, mythical nighttime creature.  Details are in “Mini Road Trip.”

6 thoughts on “See What Happened Was

  1. Enjoy the moments of notoriety – they make the lonely moments writing blog posts in the basement, wondering if anybody cares, a little more worth it.

    I myself have had two almost famous people comment on my blog, and after the “Oh, no, have I been writing anything embarrassing lately?” thought, it’s kinda fun.

  2. Thanks for the advice. Who are the two almost famous people? And I’m not sure where the .5 factors in. Maybe someone is only reading half my blog?!

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