Miniatures Make the World Better

I’ve always loved miniatures.  A screwdriver is just a screwdriver unless it’s a tiny one.  Then I must confiscate it.  And I would.  Mom used to have a little screwdriver, I guess for glasses or just really tiny screws.  Whenever I’d see it I’d take it.  There’s this motto that everyone in my life should get used to.  The motto is, “If it’s a teeny-tiny (fill in the blank) it’s Corina’s,” because it is or it will be as soon as I make it so.   I will take it.  If the tiny screwdriver was missing, she would look for it in my room and find it.  She’d put it away until I’d find it and again remove it to a better place (my room).

Much like the Riddikulus charm defeated the dreaded Boggarts in Harry Potter’s world, miniatures make everything less frightening.

photo courtesy the web

For example, my intense irrational fear number one are bears.  I even had a nightmare one night that a bear was coming after my family and me.  I woke up in a panic.  When I finally did fall back to sleep I had a much better dream involving fighting vampires.  Sure, it was intense but not quite as scary.

But even I have to admit, if you look at the origins of a bear.  They’re jus’ sho’ coot! Yes, they are.  Not scary at all.

photo courtesy the web

Let’s take the top of the carnivore food chain.  The lion.  Wouldn’t want to come face to face with a lion.  Or a tiger. Or any big cat that would look at me and think, “Mmm, lunch.”

But when they are babies, they’re just little playful kittens (if you click on the link and watch it I dare you not to say a little “Aww” when it “roars”).

It’s understandable babies can make anyone’s heart soften (although I have my doubts about a former boss who always said, “All (human) babies look like Winston Churchill”).  But I like the babies of inanimate  objects (ie the previous mentioned screwdriver).  I have a hard time going down the travel aisle at the store because even the toothpaste and mouthwash are jus’ sho’ coot!  Grape tomatoes and little potatoes also get the “aww” treatment (right before I eat them).

Last Easter my mom gave me mini-Cadbury Crème Eggs.  I just finished the last one while writing this blog.  Gross?  Maybe.  But it still tasted good.  And they were still jus’ sho’ coot!

So, here’s my thought.   If anything scares you, imagine it in miniature form.  If someone is harassing you, imagine him or her as a little Winston Churchill.  And if your little screwdriver is missing, sorry.  It’s probably in my stockpile of confiscated miniature  stuff.


3 thoughts on “Miniatures Make the World Better

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  2. I like miniature screwdrivers too, but I don’t think I’ve ever taken one that wasn’t mine – I’m obviously not obsessed enough! 😉

    As for the fear of bears, I can understand that coming from a woman that lives in a country where bears could be roaming free in certain areas, I think I would feel the same. But the only bears we have in the UK are mainly in zoos or wildlife parks, so I suppose there is a little chance of me coming face to face with one, but you never really know! 😉

    The road where I live seems to attract some strange animal visitors, a baby deer got stuck in some park railings a few years ago, and more recently a cow was seen running down the middle of my road and caused chaos when it reached the traffic lights at the other end of the road. But I never got to see either of those startling animal events! I can’t really imagine how I would have reacted if a cow had suddenly come up behind me. Cows used to be my greatest fear as a small child! My Mum worked out that it was all the country walks we went on when I was still in my pushchair, and any cows we met just seemed so HUGE to me low down in that pushchair! Even at the age of 5, I used to refuse to go into the living room after coming back from a country walk or a visit to the park, claiming that there might just be a cow behind the sofa. And behind the sofa because, that was the largest piece of furniture downstairs, so I was sure a cow might just sneak behind and wait to pounce on me. It was something my family joked about for many years, and today it all seems ridiculously funny! Fears are largely an illusion, but convincing our brains that is true, seems to be a mammoth task sometimes!! 🙂

  3. FYI: Stay clear of Wyoming then. 😉 It’s mostly ranchland here so we see lots of cows. And sheep.
    The good thing (for me) is I live in more of a desert terrain. We usually have to travel a couple hours north or south to the more woodsy areas (like camping spots). We did have a bear wander near town a couple years agon. Poor lost bear.
    We have coyotes, big cats (think mountain lions), and according to my nephew wolves. He did show me a picture of one though so I guess so.
    Fears are an illusions – and they are even scarier at night. So look at this during the day: (hope it works! 🙂

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