The Interview of ‘22

I am not a journalist. A far cry from one I know. But I do like to play one on-line with my little inconsequential blog. As a pretend journalist, I need to do some interviews. Here is the first of what I am hoping will become a regular feature on my blog. I interviewed not one but three willing participants. Full disclosure alert though, I did pay them with a piece of candy for their time.

The participants for my first interview are Bennie referred to as B throughout the article. He is 7 but thisclose to 8. Literally, between his interview and when this will publish he will have celebrated a birthday. He is the oldest of three and lives with his parents and siblings in a country house outside of city limits. His interests are selling collected rocks, staging bey blade battles, and building limitless figures out of Legos.

His sister Berkie, referred to as K in the article, just turned 6. She is in her kindergarten year of school and judging by her attitude is likely turning 16 next year. Her interests are pretty things and if she were a superhero her powers would include singing and dancing good.

Their brother Huddy, referred to simply as H, is about to turn 4 in little over a month. At this time, it appears he enjoys jumping off things, tackling people over twice his size, quickly forgetting his antics when questioned, and trying to keep pace with two older siblings.

I started the interview with K, mainly because B was busy watching TV and H is a bit too busy to sit still. He is only nearly-four.

ME: How old are you?

K: 6

B: 7 but almost 8

H: 3

Another disclosure, I thought K was wrong. I forgot and thought she just turned 5 not 6. Poor interviewer skills right there. That’s why I am practicing.

ME: What are you looking forward to most next year?

K: Going hunting with daddy for chukar and deer.

B: Going to hot springs. And getting a big remote control car or truck. That’s what I really want.

H: um, a new house.

ME: What do you like to do the most? What are your favorite activities?

K: Play games (as I was babysitting her at that precise moment I can attest to her love of games and all things make believe). Riding horses.

ME: Your family doesn’t own any horses. Where do you ride?

K: At our friend’s (that is actually a paraphrase because she did mention a family name but since I go overboard protecting her family’s privacy online I thought it wouldn’t be right to disclose other names).

B: My favorite thing is to watch TV. Don’t like running that much. I like relaxing. My next favorite thing is riding my bike and making skids.

ME: Can you make skid marks in the dirt? Isn’t it better on pavement?

B: You can make skid marks in the dirt and it’s really cool because it looks like you’re going really fast

H: Rest time and play. Play with B when he comes home (from school).

ME: Who is your best friend?

K: A friend at school – B’lyn.

B: B’ron.

H: E’on

ME: What do you like the least?

K: Broccoli. Beans. Gross food.

ME: Anything besides food?

K: Well, I think there is other things. I don’t like being told what to do. I don’t like being yelled at.

B: I don’t like getting in trouble and running laps. My legs get tired.

H: Coloring.

ME: What do you like?

K: I like sharing. I like yelling. I just don’t like being yelled at.

ME: Where is your most favorite place?

K: Oregon.

B: Montana. I like the woods and mountains. There is this secret place built by kids (near his grandparent’s cabin). I want to find it. Maybe there is a treasure there.

ME: Like the Goonies?

B: What’s the Goonies?

ME: Never mind (writes a note to scold his parents for failing to teach him proper film knowledge)

H: J’dyn’s house.

ME: Who do you love the most?

K: Mommy and daddy.

B: Mom and dad. Actually my whole family. But I like my sister because she tries to kill me.

Going through my notes I can’t believe I didn’t ask a follow up question or two about that last remark.

ME: Who do you fight with most?

K: B

B: My sister and brother. No, my neighbor. I’m not allowed to go to his house anymore.

ME: If you were president, what would you do?

K & B: What does that mean?

ME: If you were queen, what would you do?

K: Boss people around. Wait, what does a queen do?

ME: They lead people, make sure people behave and follow the rules.

K: Oh, then that’s right. I’d be the boss because that’s what queens do.

ME: If you were king, what would you do?

B: Make no one fight. Let them do whatever they want. No saying no, just say yes.

H: Everyone dance!

ME: What advice do you have to share?

K: What does that mean?

ME: What would you like to teach?

K: Swimming. I want to teach H to swim. And people should smile more. Kind of both I guess.

B: I’d want to be a wrestler. A wrestler, play basketball and football. I would teach that.

After the interviews concluded, we spent the rest of the night playing a game of “hide the treasure” and “breakfast at the house.”

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