My prayer for you…

Every night during my prayer I mention your name. It’s true, I do. I always have. Not to be confused with the habit of mindless repetition, on the contrary, I pray for you so that I will remain mindful. I don’t want to forget about you or your troubles. So, when I say I pray for you, please know I think of you and your situation and I pray for your success. I used to think your success meant your health and well-being. But now I know better. My current prayer for you sounds a bit different.

My hope for you may vary slightly depending on the day but over all my wish is the same. I do ask that you be “safe and well” but I include details. Realistically, rain is going to fall and everyone is going to get wet. If I continue to pray you be kept in a safe bubble that isn’t going to do either of us any good. My prayer can’t be answered in that fashion every single day. You need the rain to grow.

I pray that you…

  • Will recognize love. True, pure love given and received.
  • Develop the gift of discernment in order to see what is good for you and what is unhealthy.
  • Have the ability to pick yourself up after each fall.
  • Know you have the ability to win after a defeat. Losing once is not the final game. Pick yourself up and play another game.
  • Feel like you belong. You have a home. You have a place. You are not alone. I mean, I am praying for you so I am in your corner.
  • Get familiar with you and your strengths and abilities. All of us have talents, you should learn what yours are to give you confidence.

I do pray for your health and well-being. I just know that will come from living and healing rather than not living in a protected bubble. You got this. Get out there and get busy doing.

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