God’s true love

Satan wants to make us miserable. God wants us to be happy. Read that again. Satan wants us to lose our freedom. The best way he accomplishes that is by enticing temptations that we choose to indulge in and lose the Spirit of God. On the other hand, God wants us to use our choices to be happy by freely living under His law and bounds.

Here’s the thing I have observed, God will never make us happy. Conversely, He won’t make us sad, either. God does not actively punish us. He is not out to destroy us if we choose poorly. Our poor choices will have natural consequences. I don’t think He actively takes part in our misery because we chose Door B when He hoped we would open Door A.

God loves us and is always our biggest supporter and cheerleader. He wants us to be happy. Heavenly Father has shown us how to accomplish this; He has invited us to come; He has even provided the means for us to accomplish this. But He will not force us to do so.

That day when we recognize God’s Plan of Happiness is individualized for each of us is the day we become truly happy.

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