My December staycation

March 2020 I was supposed to go to Europe. You know, about a week after everything started shutting down. So, the trip was postponed until October. And then postponed again until October 2021 (fingers crossed). But that left me with two weeks of unused vacation time in 2020 that I needed to use or lose. What to do? For one week, my niece invited me to visit her and her family. For the second week, I spent the first week in December at home. A week long staycation, what could go wrong?

Technically, nothing went wrong. Except for the fact that I spent almost a whole week in my house without leaving. I binge watched Chuck (2007-2012) and didn’t leave my house from Saturday night until Thursday when I had to get groceries. Here’s why that was not a good thing.

1) I enjoyed it a little too much. In fact, that was a record for not leaving my house for that many days (and not being sick). Now, I’m trying to beat it. That’s even worse.

2) No one noticed I dropped off the radar for nearly a week. I let my family follow my dot on Find-a-Friend for this very reason. I don’t want to disappear or worse be dead for a week before anyone realizes. No one noticed my dot didn’t move for almost a week?! Y’all are fired.

3) Chuck has a horrible ending. I enjoyed it up until the last three episodes. Now I would like a movie to rectify the situation. The fact that I am even mentioning this is probably another reason in itself.

I am an introvert by nature so I prefer to stay home. But this reached a whole new level and all my work I’ve spent in learning to interact with other people and communicate was obliterated in the matter of one week. Now I have to work on those skills again and work on being around other people.

This all falls under what I call the Jurassic Park rule. You know, the rule that they relearn in every single movie: just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should. Just because I can spend all day every day in my house doesn’t mean I should.

Unless, of course, there is something else I can binge watch?

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