Happy Anniversary to me!

Yesterday, I celebrated my tenth anniversary writing my little blog. It is now my second longest commitment I’ve ever undertaken (my first being my current job that beat it by four years). While it may not be an impressive blog to you, the fact that I am still here is pretty impressive to me. I don’t always stick to things so way to go, self!

It started as a sporadic blog that grew to four posts a week. It is now back down to two posts as my goal is to work on quality over quantity. Or something like that. Personally, I think I just got lazy again.

Normally, I would post my first ever blog along with this to (hopefully) show that my writing skills have grown. Trouble is, I’m not sure which is my first ever blog. I reposted unaware that it actually moved the post not duplicated it. So, I can’t find it. But that’s okay, I’ve read some of my old posts and they aren’t all that pretty. All I can say is I hope I have improved because to be honest, I couldn’t get much worse.

While I waited for a purpose for my blog to kick in I have dabbled in poetry, fiction, humor, and observation. My latest focus has been to attempt to be a positive voice of encouragement. In other words, I’ve decided to run with my annoying preachy tone because that’s just who I am.

In short, thanks for reading this little blog of mine with no real purpose. I appreciate everyone who has stopped by the last 10 years. Who knows, maybe here is to 10 more?

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