Mutton Bustin’

The sheep are ready,

the cowboy is at the gate.

It is time

for him to meet his fate.

With anticipation

he looked forward to this.

His momma

went to great lengths so he wouldn’t miss.

But wait a minute!

Now that it is so close

that sheep has a certain look

a bit tougher than most.

Surely, he didn’t imagine

those eyes of pure evil

and he is pretty sure

smoke came out of the nostril.

On second thought,

maybe bustin’ he won’t do.

What, oh what,

did he get himself into?

If he rode the woolly beast

he could possibly die

and that sad fact

would make his dear momma cry.

So, in order to protect

his momma’s sensitive heart

he ultimately decided

riding he would not take part.

To be perfectly clear,

not because he’s scared to try.

But only because

he doesn’t want to make his momma cry.

© 2020 ck’s days

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