The radish experiment that went awry

Poor CK

tried an experiment

to prove words

can be beneficial

or our detriment.


4 cups of radishes

planted at the same time

2 were encouraged

2 were belittled

to test which words are fine.


CK had faith

since it worked before

she set about to prove

through her experiment

kind words should be used more.


On day 3

she was elated to find

her 2 awesome radishes

were beginning to bud

they were growing just fine.


1 stupid radish

had nothing to show

as predicted

this stupid radish

had not started to grow.


But to her disappointment

and utter surprise

the other stupid radish

was taller than all

it had started to rise.


“Ruin my lesson!

You should just vanish!”

CK complained and yelled

in angry tones and hisses

at the stupid little radish.


What lesson can be learned

from the poor, stupid radish pant

that grew despite

hostile words and tones

directed at it in chant?

© 2020 ck’s days

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