General Conference thoughts: Covenant Women in Partnership with God; Two Great Commandments; and Spiritual Treasures

If only there were a few more Sundays I wouldn’t have to combine talks. But there aren’t so I combined the First Presidency’s messages today. It’s interesting to see the topics chosen for the Saturday evening session. If a woman doesn’t feel empowered reading or listening to any of these talks she must be listening wrong.

I especially appreciated the clarification from President Oaks about navigating in this world currently. I’m sure there will be some that will miss the point entirely but for me it was a reminder of where to stand.

I suppose if I was asked to lead a discussion about President Nelson’s talk I would start with asking the class to make a checklist of things they wanted to accomplish by the end of the day, month, year, etc. Then I would compare it with what President Nelson has asked us to “examine” in our lives. How do the lists compare? If we could only keep a few things on the list we made which would we keep?

Isn’t it also interesting that he announced the new temples during this session? You can’t say women are not respected in this church. I guess you could say it but you’d be wrong.

Covenant Women in Partnership with God by President Henry B. Eyring

Two Great Commandments by President Dallin H. Oaks

Spiritual Treasures by President Russell M. Nelson

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