Poor there Delilah

A simple prayer tonight.

Please, don’t let me ever become someone’s muse.

I heard the now oldie on the radio, Hey There Delilah by the Plain White T’s.  You probably remember it was nominated for a Grammy back in 2008.  Yes, it’s been that long ago.  It was a love song but it was a fictional love song inspired by an actual woman.  Which makes it a little complicated and a tad creepy.

Delilah DiCrescenzo is the inspiration and the reports vary about her reaction.  Some say she was “grossed out” by it and others say, well, they don’t say she was grossed out.  One account said she heard it in the gym while working out and part of her wanted to shout out, “hey, that’s me” and another part wanted to hide.  I think that is probably fairly accurate.  At one point the song was overplayed and I wanted to shout out, too,  But my shout would have contained much different words.

At any rate, this poor girl was thrust into the limelight.  Unlike other song muses though, she never dated the songwriter.  She just wasn’t attracted to him.  Now she is known as being ungrateful because who wouldn’t want a song written about them?


Poor Delilah is now attached permanently to this song.  No matter what she does she will receive an added line as being an inspiration for this song.  Case in point,  remember when she didn’t qualify for the Olympics?  No one but her inner-circle would have noticed except for the fact she had become Hey There Delilah.  So she couldn’t have a quiet defeat.  The fact that I know shows how public it was because there is no way I should know such a tidbit of information.

When the song came on the radio that afternoon my mind retrieved all known references.  The little bit I knew came up.  I knew she didn’t really date the singer.  I knew she was an Olympic hopeful and did not make it.  But what about her now?

Then I felt sorry for her.

For the record, I never want to be anyone’s muse.

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