Three Gifts

For a long time

I have thought and thought this through

and if I could

I would give three gifts to you.


Three gifts in life

with roots in the eternal source

to help you chart

your unfolding journey’s course.


Gift number one

is the gift of true and pure love.

To understand

love that comes from God above.


Only after

you feel God’s pure love through

your own soul

will you spread it around you.


Gift number two

is to communicate with all.

To speak, to listen

without any blocking wall.


Most important

to hear the Holy Spirit

when He whispers

recognize you hear it.


Gift number three

is for the ability

to overcome

any adversity.


Trials will come

sometimes you can’t avoid harm’s way

but know where to look

to rise above the bad day.


Three gifts for you

I surely definitely would

give you each one

gladly if I only could!

© 2019 ck’s days

Three Gifts Redux

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