General Conference thoughts: Feasting upon the Words of Christ

My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving.  It’s the holiday about eating good food.  A lot of food.  But it’s more than the ton-o-food that makes a feast. 

There’s the preparation that goes into it.  For my family, the food assignments are divvied up and everyone brings a portion.  The turkey cooks all day and whets our appetite with the aroma filling the house.  We haul out the antique dishes and fancy place settings.  It’s not the typical meal because of the bounty but also because we come together.  It’s a time to come together and (hopefully) enjoy each other’s company.

Feasting upon the Words of Christ can follow a similar pattern in many ways.  We can feast with the intent of getting spiritually fat.  But unlike our Thanksgiving feast that only happens once a year we are invited to feast upon the Words often and regularly.

One thing I love about the new Come, Follow Me curriculum is it invites us to all bring a portion together twice a month.  As a single gal without a current study partner I enjoy the discussions centered on our reading during Sunday School.  It allows me a time to “sample other dishes and try new flavors” at our scripture feast.  I appreciate hearing and gaining new perspectives on our reading assignments.

Come, Follow Me helps me not only improve my personal study but also gives me something to look forward to at our class feasts.

Feasting upon the Words of Christ

by Elder Takashi Wada

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