General Conference thoughts: Just as He Did

I grew up with the idea to pattern my behavior and actions after Christ.  I understood that He is the perfect example and why not model my life after perfection? Did I ever expect to follow perfectly?  No, I don’t think so.  It just seems like a given that to be like Him is unattainable in this life.  But He is the perfect pattern to guide us.

I was surprised when I read a blurb about how Benjamin Franklin surmised his quest to learn humility by emulating Christ. The commentary noted how that seemed, perhaps, a bit egotistical to learn humility.  I had never heard that perspective before and I thought it an odd view.

If I were a seamstress making a dress why would I use a pattern that wasn’t complete?  Or if I were following a recipe to make a cake why would I use one that wasn’t whole?  If I am going to follow the example of someone why not follow the perfect example? I have enough of my own flaws I don’t need to mimic another set of faults.

Just as He Did

by Bishop W. Christopher Waddell

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