Friday ramblings: Passion

I like to watch Nature on PBS.  There are so many dedicated people who have a passion for doing good and helping the world out.  In one program I watched different people help out orphaned animals.  Not the typical, cutesy animals that usually get all the attention either.  A sloth, a bat, and a kangaroo were all saved because three different people in three different locations worked to save these animals.

My first thought was, where were these careers during career day at school?  I had no idea this was an option.

My second thought was, when have I ever felt passionate about anything like this?  I don’t think I ever have.  My living is eked out by me spending 40 hours a week doing data entry.  Data entry is not known as a passionate field.  It’s more a “gee, I kind of like to eat and since I live in Wyoming I kinda need a roof over my head so I guess I need some money” kind of job.  If I don’t show up to work though, someone else will fill my spot.  If the people in this program don’t show up to work, animals will die.

Have I settled into playing it safe instead of fueling a passion?  Yes.  See the reason in quotes above.

How does one sign up for a passion and is there an age limit to do so?

What’s your passion?

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