My unwritten daily dos

I watched this motivational video about things a person should do every day.  Maybe I wasn’t in the mood to be motivated because I can only remember one thing, “Make your bed.”  I happen to make my bed every day so that could be why I remembered it.  “Check!”  I must be a successful person then, right?

At least, that’s how I remember it.

But it got me thinking what do I do every day?  Every day is different so what are the things I make sure I do because those are the important things.  Those are the things that will say the most about me.  Now, I’m not trying to motivate anyone.  I’m just doing a little self-reflection to see if it will prompt you to do the same.  What are your daily dos?

4. Make bed. Seriously.  I’m not copying the motivational video.  I really make my bed every day.  I started doing it to keep the 8 legged freaks out but as someone pointed out to me, “a made bed won’t stop a spider.”  To that person I’d like to say, “shut up and mind your own business.”  That may have been the reason I developed the habit but I like having a made bed now.  I do it because I want to.  If I don’t make my bed though, I still do the next three.

3. Shower. Something about clean clothes and feeling clean and putting some nice fragrance on.  My shower is probably the equivalent to other people’s coffee.  It wakes me up and refreshes me.  If I don’t shower though, I still do the next two.

2. Read from the Book of Mormon. I’m not always focused but I try to keep this a habit.  If I don’t do this, I still do the next one.

1. Brush my teeth. Because it’s gross not to.  It’s disgusting.  If I don’t do this I must be seriously sick and you should check on me.  Bring soup.

My day usually fills up with a to-do list but these are always the unwritten because I just do them to-dos.  This list may or may not tell you about me but it tells me about me.  Somethings I didn’t realize before.

What’s your daily unwritten dos?

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