The Movie Rant

Do we really need to be as invested as we are with movie story lines?  I went to see the latest Star Wars entry Solo at the beginning of summer and enjoyed it.  I would have enjoyed it if it was the only movie I had ever seen in the franchise but it wasn’t.  I have watched them all.  Even though I now realize this series will not end on a happy note.  We thought it did 30 years ago with Return of the Jedi but The Force Awakens dashed that hope.  There are no happy endings for our long ago and faraway space travelers.  So, why do we need to keep this story going?

I used to love sequels.  Somewhere along the way I have become burned out with sequels and movie series.  Even the innocuous Hallmark movies have jumped on the sequel train whole heartedly.   I guess since they use the same actors in similar storylines they figured to just keep the same storyline going.

Enough!  I like the movie to end.  I want it to end happily.  I don’t want to know that happy endings don’t exist.  Life already points that out abundantly.  In fact, that’s why I like to go to movies.  Just so I can see an improbable happy ending.

Sequel mania is spilling over into my mind.  The other day I watched Breakfast at Tiffany’s and after the final scene I couldn’t help but think of an outline of a sequel in my head.  No way did Holly and Paul stay together.  Immediately I tried to shake the thoughts out of my head and just enjoy the movie for what it was and the moment we stopped following Holly and Paul’s path.  Just let it be a movie.  Just enjoy the ending.  Let it be.

I’d like to be able to go back to the day when a movie was two hours long.  Not more than two hours; just two hours.  With a beginning, a plot, a climax, and an ending.  No continuation.  Just done.  Is that possible?

One thought on “The Movie Rant

  1. Books are the same way. It seems like no one writes just a stand-alone book anymore. Everything is part of a series. I have several series of books that of course I love, but enough is enough. Sadly, the general public seems to not feel that way and series sell. So they’ll keep making them.

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