General Conference thoughts: Saving Ordinances Will Bring Us Marvelous Light

by Elder Taniela B. Wakolo

There is always that question of why.  Why am I doing this?  At least for me that question needs to be answered on a fairly regular basis.  A couple of months ago when spring finally started making its way with warm weather I asked that very same question as I headed into church.  Why am I going to church today?  It is so nice out!  Elder Wakolo answers that question.  Here’s the why.

For me, an ordinance is something I do when I make a covenant.  I make covenants to help me keep focused on my goal.  Just like the example above about going to church on a nice day, it is my covenant (made through an ordinance) that reminds me of my goal and helps me stay on that road instead of wandering off.  If you have noticed my picture on my blog of a little girl wandering then you know I need help staying on track.

Saving Ordinances Will Bring Us Marvelous Light

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