General Conference thoughts: The Prophet of God

by Elder Neil L. Andersen

As I mentioned previously, the calling of a new prophet puts a lot of focus on the prophet.  Not just the man now serving in that calling but also the word itself.  What is a prophet?

When the word ‘prophet’ is even mentioned an image may come to one’s mind.  It could range from the person standing on the street corner with a cardboard sign warning of imminent doom.  It could be an image of some radical breaking the laws of the land while amassing a following.  Or it could be someone with a long straggly beard that looks remarkably like Charlton Heston.

That’s not the image I think of.

Elder Andersen taught, “The most important role of the Lord’s prophet is to teach us of the Savior and lead us to Him.”  Logically it stands to reason that the best way to teach someone is to set an example.  When I think of a prophet of God, I think of someone doing his best to live a life patterned after Jesus Christ.  A humble person who loves the Lord.

Elder Andersen tells us what a prophet is and why it is important to follow him.

The Prophet of God

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