Step by Step

I can imagine her

walking with friends to school.

Her tiny legs carried her

while obedience was her fuel.


I bet that road stretched forever.

She walked to the end of her world.

I wonder if she aimed for the horizon.

Such a long road for a little girl.


I say,

step by step

she became who she was

step by step

she got there because

step by step

she had confidence in who she was

step by step.


Now imagine me,

walking through life

making memories

amidst joy and strife.


My goals seem distant.

Maybe out of this world.

I’ll aim for the horizon

because I am momma’s girl.


She says,

step by step

though the distance be far

step by step

no matter where you start

step by step

you do not have to stay where you are

step by step.

© 2017 ck’s days

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