To Whom Shall We Go?

by Elder M. Russell Ballard

Below is the link to the General Conference talk by Elder Ballard. Between the link and here I share a few of my personal thoughts on the subject.

During a particularly dark mist of temptation, I distinctly remember trying to decide if I should let go of the iron rod.  I wanted to.  I felt abandoned and lost.  I felt I had wasted my time all these years and all I wanted to do was to let go.

But I couldn’t.

While I wasn’t 100% sure of my testimony any more, I also wasn’t 100% sure it wasn’t true. I continued to hold on and do the things I needed to do until I was sure.  I continued forward until I could make sure.

The point is those temptations are real.  They come upon us.  I think they are getting darker and bolder in their attempt to get us to let go.  Listen to Elder Ballard’s counsel then do those wonderful primary answers.

Hold on.  Hold on.  Hold on.

To Whom Shall We Go?

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