The Great Facebook Experiment

You have probably noticed those annoying “see how many people” posts on Facebook. The posts are threats and if you don’t respond the person posting the threat will eliminate you from his or her friend list. The idea is if you don’t read and respond that person will unfriend you to clean up his or her friend list because it’s a nuisance to have too many friends I guess. I usually read and don’t respond because I want to see if the person is stating a sincere threat or just getting attention. So far, to the best of my knowledge, I have not lost one friend by not responding.

facebookA month or so ago, after some trouble, I decided I needed to separate myself from Facebook. The first thing I did was deleted all my extra groups and pages I have created. All except my blog’s page. That’s right, I have a fan page for my blog. I would have deleted or deactivated my personal account. In fact, I did deactivate it. However, I soon found out, without my personal page I lost my blog’s fan page. I’ve worked hard on developing it and I didn’t want to lose it because that’s where 90% of my views come from. I just made up that stat but it gives you a general idea of how important it is to my little blog. When you only average about 10 views a day, you don’t want to cut off the arm – or account – feeding it.

So, I couldn’t get rid of my personal page. I can’t merge the two together because I will lose important things. What I need is to come up with a plan to help me spend less time on Facebook because I can’t not look. The harder I try to abstain, the more I indulge. Like one sick puppy.

My plan? I posted a status saying sayonara. I tried to not sound like one of those pathetic posts above (no offense to anyone that has posted one of those threats, it’s just not my thing). As soon as friends read the post and liked it, I unfriended them.

I didn’t have a lot of friends to begin with so I lightened my friend load quite a bit within the first day. Then I received a text from my niece who pointed out – no pics from family? No family updates?

Oh. Hadn’t thought of that.

Okay, I’ll keep family. I have to keep family so I can keep in the know.

Then I started to do more cleaning.

Wait, I can’t get rid of my young women. If I lose my young women I won’t find some of them again.

Okay, family and young women. Everyone else must go.

Wait, I have friends that don’t live near me. This is a great way to keep in contact. If I lose some of them I won’t find them again. Or old friends from school.

Okay, family, young women, old friends, friends that I can’t do lunch with on a given day. Everyone else must go.

In the end, I realized instead of unfriending people I probably could have un-followed them. That may have been better. When I decided to try and re-friend some people, requests weren’t answered. Either the person figured, ‘why? she unfriended me’ or the person thought it was one of those fake requests we are warned about on Facebook.

It’s not like I have a lot of friends to begin with that I have any to spare or throw away.

The good news though, my fan page grew in number. My fan page almost has as many likes as I have friends on my personal page. After all that, you might ask, did it work? Did it help you curb the Facebook fever? No. If anything, I have spent more time idling away on the darn thing.

This is what you would call a fail.

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