The lesson from The Net

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I went to Wal-Mart the other day.  It’s probably not a nice game to play but I always wait and see how long it takes before the checker speaks to me.  On this day, this particular employee only spoke to me to hand me my receipt and wish me “a good day” as she started helping the people behind me.

Are we really losing our social skills that quickly as a society?  I already know the answer.  The answer is, uh yeah.  We are handing over our ability to make conversation to 4 inch or smaller screens that illuminate and steal our focus.  So says this kettle anyway.

I know, I know.  I should be the one to initiate the conversation.  But c’mon people, I’m an introvert.  I don’t start conversations.  It’s just not me.  If I could, I would isolate completely and be a hermitess living in a little trailer.  I’d be that crazy lady (sans cats because I am deathly allergic) the parents warn their children to stay away from.  (sigh) If only!

Do you remember that old movie of Sandra Bullock’s called The Net?  About a computer programmer who works from home and never has to make contact with anyone?

Of course, there are the nasty details of when her identity is stolen and since she has isolated so well no one can vouch for her.  The bad guys plant a different identity on her with a criminal past and she is wanted for murder.  Blah, blah, blah.  But, let’s not overlook the fact she gets to work from home.  In fact, at the beginning of the movie she has a pretty ideal setup.

I remember years ago my mom and I had a conversation about this movie.

I made the statement, “I wish I could have the life she had.  Work from home.  Not have to see people.”

Mom’s response?  “I think you’re missing the point of the movie.”

Maybe.  But being able to work from home still sounds nice.


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