The gaping flaw I can’t ignore

I’m a fan of the Back to the Future trilogy.  Let’s just say I have watched each movie more than once – some more than others (sorry number 2).

Since the second movie takes place in 2015 the movies have received a new generation of viewers (I assume) since they are now on the tv heavily rotation schedule.  Let’s just say, I’m catching up with my number of views of 2.

But there is one flaw I can’t ignore.  One mistake, oops, ugh, I notice every single time.  Here it is:

BTTF lea

Why is Marty’s mom married to his father’s ancestor?  He even starts to mistake his great-grandma on his father’s side for his mother.  Is there a back story here that his parents were actually cousins?

It disappoints me because the movie-makers took such good care for other little details such as the name of the mall going from Twin Pine to Lone Pine after he runs over a tree during his trip back to 1955.

BTTF mall

Am I alone on this?


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