No-good Liar

Every morning

the mirror says to me,

“Hi there cutie.

You look lovely.

Good choice on the outfit today!

It doesn’t make you look fat at all.”


That darn camera

then says to me,

“I’m not gonna lie

you’re a bit goofy looking.

And let me accentuate your poor choice

in choosing an outfit today.”


I always believed the soothsaying mirror

and cursed the lying camera.

Until I asked, “Why is no one else saying how goofy

I look in pictures?

Don’t they see what I see?

That no-good lying camera.




it’s the mirror who lies

and I really look like I do

in those darn photos?



You no-good lying mirror.

You did me no favors all

these years.”

© 2015 ck’s days


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