Promised Land

One day they woke up

hanging by a thread.

They married so young

now wondered what they did.


What is that thing called love

they really didn’t know.

Had the time really come

for them to let it all go?


But giving it all up

has such a high cost

all their past wins

would end up lost.


No, no, that wouldn’t do

It’s time for a plan

because this is forever


they’ll head to the promised land.


They decided to fight

for matters of the heart

sacrifice all they knew

and make a new start.


So they moved away

from family and home

determined to make it work

and do it on their own.


They gave it their all

they did what they should

in a fight for love

they did what they could.


But it just didn’t do

and they didn’t understand

how this move didn’t save them

but beat them

when it was to be their promised land.


This new land of theirs

no longer held promise.

Each day they lost

a little more ground, to be honest.

Every day they forgot

what they were fighting for

and instead

they just fought more and more.


No one looks forward

if they keep looking back

and the future is only a dream

when the foundation lacks.


They did what they could do

but it all slipped from their hands

and their firm hold

grew cold

in the myth of a promised land.

© 2015 ck’s days

2 thoughts on “Promised Land

  1. Very good! 🙂 So many promise themselves so much in this world and end up disappointed. Hanging onto the past or believing in empty self promises doesn’t really do anyone any good.

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