The Car Wash: 4

Chapter 4

As happy as the memories of that trip made her, she couldn’t keep other memories out. Namely their second round of counseling. She had instigated it because there was a morning when she actually considered a more dramatic out. If she took her life, then maybe she would feel peace. The thought was brief but it was enough to scare her into action. At first, she attended counseling herself. But after several sessions, it became clear that in order to truly progress, Chadwick needed to join her.

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The Car Wash: 2

Chapter 2

“I want a divorce,” his wife said again. The first time she had said it softly. As if it had been rattling around in her head looking for an exit. The second time she said it with assurance. It was funny since the words came out how she could feel both peaceful and excited at the same time. What was the word she was looking for to describe her current mood? Resolute. She still kept her eyes forward not looking at him. Instead, she turned and watched as the water dripped off the passenger side mirror.

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The Car Wash

Chapter I

Chadwick tapped the steering wheel with his forefinger.  He was in line at the car wash and was growing impatient.  Actually, patience never was something he had ever experienced.  No acquaintance of his would describe that as one of his virtues.

How much longer was this going to take? 

He let out a long audible sigh and glanced at his Apple Watch.  It had only been two minutes since the last time he had looked.  He shook it out of instinct to make sure it was awake and accurate.  It was.

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