Of course I am judging you

and I know you are judging me, too

(perhaps a little more harshly now).

It is what we do

we are designed to reason,

to think,

to rate,

to rank,

to assess,

to judge.

It is how we survive.

The trick is what we do with our judgment

when we reason,






Will we raise or lower our status

when we make our judgment of others

or will we show compassion,






Will we excuse ourselves as natural,



born that way,

the devil inside,

the way it is


will we raise ourselves to our divine potential?

© 2014 ck’s days


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3 thoughts on “Judge

  1. It depends if we are subjected to the put down and rejection of the judgments placed upon us. It is fine to judge. But when you use it as your source of power, then it becomes a problem. People’s judgement get corrupted by other people’s opinion and judgement. Then they emulate that person and do the same. Then you have many people against a few others or just one person and they rip them apart by there opinions. Then that one person may start cutting, or commit suicide, just because of the judgement from those people.

  2. That’s an interesting point ‘what we do with our judgement’ because it’s very true that we judge everything, and we do need to. Turning it into into something negative, beyond the basic judgement is really the thing we need to watch. No matter how you think or what your beliefs are – that’s not good for anyone. 😦

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