I Will Go, I Will Do, I Will Be

If I had known a few months ago when I wrote this how many spoofs from this song would be born – I probably would have gone a different route.  But I didn’t.  Here is part of our camp skit (not performed by me) set to the tune of (what else?) Let It Go from Frozen (sorry, you are probably tired of the song by now).

Let it Go – Idina Menzel version

Here I am searching for answers tonight

she said they will come to me

but I have to do my part first

so I’ll try it out and see


There’s so many voices coming from the outside

So I’ll listen close to hear what’s inside


The time has come to find my place

Let me stand tall in my holy space

I will stand still, I need to know

It’s time to know


I will go, I will go

It’s time to open that door

I will go, I will go

find the home I’m looking for


I don’t care

the sacrifice I’ll pay

Let me find my place

It’s time for me to know now anyway


Finding my holy places

can help me to stand tall

but there is more that I must do

I will give it my all


It’s time to see what I can do

To test my heart and become new

I’ll read, I’ll pray, let me just see

for me


I will do, I will do

There’s nothing I will lack

I will do, I will do

You’ll never see me slack


Here I stand

And here I’ll stay

I will find my place


This path I’m following will help me stand my ground

I now see there is help coming to me from all around

Answers come as I do my part and stand fast

I’m supposed to succeed

I want this feeling to last


I will be, I will be

And reach the potential inside

I will be, I will be

I’ll rise up and not hide


Here I stand

In the light of day

I know who I am

I’m a daughter of God born for today.

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