I Will Go, I Will Do, I Will Be

If I had known a few months ago when I wrote this how many spoofs from this song would be born – I probably would have gone a different route.  But I didn’t.  Here is part of our camp skit (not performed by me) set to the tune of (what else?) Let It Go from Frozen (sorry, you are probably tired of the song by now).

Let it Go – Idina Menzel version

Here I am searching for answers tonight

she said they will come to me

but I have to do my part first

so I’ll try it out and see

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The follow up

Almost three months ago I extended an invitation to all my reader (s). It was a simple request. I invited you to say at least one prayer a day asking to see yourself as Heavenly Father sees you. For thirty days.

It has been close to 90 days since I extended this invitation. Did you do it? Did you remember? Did you choose not to?

I accepted this call myself. Almost every night as I voiced my prayer, I offered up this sincere petition. Just uttering the words brought a surge of confidence into my soul.

I’m not perfect. I make a lot of mistakes. I will never be smooth and cool but will always be rather awkward and clumsy. There are a lot of things I don’t know and will never know how to do. I’m not brave. I’m not good at small talk. Sometimes I fail. Sometimes I fall.


I know that I am a daughter of God here for a reason. I will trust in Him. And I will be more than enough to see this task through. I know I have the potential to succeed. I know that I am loved.

Do you?

The potential inside

“She needs to toughen up,” my co-worker surmised after sharing a story about her daughter.  Apparently, her fourteen year old daughter’s feelings were hurt by a remark her friend said.  Her mother told us the remark was not that big of a deal and that her daughter is “too sensitive.”

Too sensitive.  I’m aware of that phrase.  I have poured out my soul in prayer to my Heavenly Father pleading to toughen up.

But as my co-worker described her daughter I had a new take on it.   Perhaps, and stay with my ramblings here, perhaps sensitivity should not be viewed as a character flaw.  What if sensitivity is a character strength given to a few souls to make the world a better place?  What if it’s our responsibility to bring some tenderness into this hardened place we call home?

Instead of stamping out this God given attribute, what if we are to learn how to share it?  True, we need to learn how to cope with this gift.  I can understand why the common belief is we need to toughen up.  That prevalent belief is for a sensitive’s soul own good.  Less heartache that way.  But isn’t that forcing someone born with the gift of sensitivity into someone he or she is not?  There has got to be a way to be a happy thoughtful soul who shares the gift of tenderness.

Shortly after this conversation, I went to see Disney’s Frozen.  (By the way, I recommend this movie.  The best Disney animated film I’ve seen since Tarzan)  The movie seemed to continue my train of thought.  I don’t want to be a plot spoiler so let me just sum up by saying it’s about a girl who can’t use her innate talents and is forced to hide.  She becomes somebody she was not meant to be and does not live up to her potential.

Is that what happens to most of us?  We are afraid to use our abilities or maybe we don’t understand them so we live half-lives never reaching our full potential.  We stamp out our gifts until we conform to the world’s standards.   Perhaps we feel if we don’t possess the right talents we are not good enough.  In reality, we just need to learn how to use our own gifts.

Anyone willing to weigh in on this?

Want to hear a song from Frozen sung by the character I mentioned?