Have you met my friend Kenny?

There are some details of this story I’m going to leave out. On purpose. Like how I acquired a ‘Best of Kenny Rogers’ CD. Let’s just cut to the action and say, yes, I have a Best of Kenny Rogers CD in my possession.

For a few weeks, I’ve even been thinking of said CD. I’d think such thoughts as, ‘I have a Kenny Rogers CD. I think there are quite a few good songs on the CD. I should pull it out from whatever storage I have it stuffed in and listen to it.”

And I finally followed through with the thought. I found the storage spot and took it to my car (because Trevor Christine’s semi-functional and totally possessed CD player is the only one I have left). I put in the disc and… discovered out of 22 songs I only actually like 3 or 4.

The Gambler. Who doesn’t like this anthem?


The Coward of the County. It tells a good story.


Islands in the Stream. Still have no idea what the song even means but all those wa-ohs sure are catchy.

Don’t Fall in Love with a Dreamer. Not to be confused with the less likely and more absurd Don’t Fall in Love with a Streamer. In my defense, it had been awhile since I listened to the song. I thought the lyric was ‘Don’t fall in love with a stranger.’ So when I tried singing along with it and discovered after the ‘st’ syllable that I was wrong, I changed the rest to ‘reamer.’ Of course, I wasn’t alone when this happened. Lyn was with me and giggled. Then she mocked me.


The other day on my way to work I decided I wanted a little “Islands in the Stream.” Mainly because those wa-ohs are so fun to sing. I pushed the CD in and pushed the track buttons. It ejected.

I pushed it in again and pushed the buttons. It ejected.

I shook my fist at it.

It didn’t care. Another failed attempt.

It takes me approximately 12-13 minutes to get to work.

About two minutes away from the parking lot, I finally had success. I ended up sitting in the parking lot jamming to Islands in the Stream. Sure, I was late but can you blame me? It took a lot of work and frustration to get the song to play.

I think I’m about ready for Kenny to go back in storage now though. There’s only so many time I can listen to “On a warm summer evening, on a train bound for nowhere…”


2 thoughts on “Have you met my friend Kenny?

  1. I’m not Kenny Rogers fan – sorry to say! 😦 But having said that I don’t mind his songs, I’m just not ‘into them’. I do remember Islands In The Stream very well – iconic song of the 80’s! But I don’t remember Don’t Fall In Love With A Dreamer though. I remember Kim Carnes much better for her Bette Davis Eyes – so good that one, I still love that one!

    CD players are such a pain sometimes! You could transfer your favourite Kenny Rogers tracks to a digital format, but then they might not play at all – it happens! But nothing can be more annoying than warped vinyl records or worse still an unravelled tape – remember those?! 😀

  2. That’s funny that you should mention unraveled cassette tapes. A fb friend just posted a picture of one yesterday saying something like – why she doesn’t miss tapes. Haha!
    I already placed the cd back on the shelf until the next time I get a hankering for Kenny. I bought the cd about almost 10 years ago – so every 10 years sounds about right 🙂

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