Spring is comin’!

Yesterday, I pulled into my driveway after work and noticed a glimpse of green.  I stopped my car for a moment and looked harder.  The green was coming from the tree in the front yard.  I call it the “Teenager Tree” because it has bad posture with a slight lean from the wind.  It’s also tall and gangly and looks like it needs to “eat a little more” to fill out.  This is the tree that drops its leaves every fall with just the mention of the word “autumn.”

You get the idea.

So, I was surprised to see green buds on it.  “It’s only April,” I said to myself, “surely, spring is not coming so soon.”

Let me explain. I live in Wyoming.  Enough said.

“If the teen is green,” I exclaimed in a happy accidental rhyme, “perhaps the lilacs are coming.”  I parked my car and went to investigate.

Sure enough, green leaves are on the lilac bushes.  And, more importantly, little tiny-baby lilacs are budding.   They are so tiny, my camera couldn’t even focus on them.  However, they are there.

Of course, this is Wyoming.  We are still due a spring snowstorm… any day now.  And that may kill the lilacs.   But for today, today it is springtime in Wyoming.


photo by ck's days

photo by ck’s days

2 thoughts on “Spring is comin’!

  1. A spring snowstorm? 😯 Sounds a bit like the UK!! We’ve had snow in June before now, although that was a long time ago, before I was born, but it has been known. Must be very alarming to suddenly get weather like that in the middle of summer. I bet there weren’t any strawberries left that year! 😉

    Going by your picture I would say that Britain has a lot of green at the moment. We are still waiting for the warm weather, but it’s getting there. Cherry blossom came out last week, so that’s a good sign, all looks very pretty. Have you got any blossom on trees at all yet?

  2. We have had snow every month of the year at one time or another. Although, the last several years our winters have been mild. Our springs have been cold. And summer usually doesn’t start until mid-Juneish but goes till September. We are all out of whack it seems.
    My neck of the woods is actually a desert. A high mountain desert. So we don’t have very much green. And any green we do get has to be planted and really nourished and spoiled to get it to grow. Lilac trees tend to grow fairly well – sometimes we don’t get a lot of lilacs though because of the weather. They have such a short growing season.
    The rest of the trees are slowly starting to come back to life. Little glimpses of green. There is a tree up the stree from where I live (I don’t know what kind though) that is my favorite. It has white blossoms and a very short season before the leaves turn red. Absolutely gorgeous. When that happens then I know it’s spring in the Rockies 🙂

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