Sometimes My Prayers Sound Something Like This

Here’s my nightly recap,

and I just have to say

I sure am tired

from my busy, busy day.


See, I like to tell stories –

I may ramble on and on

until I look up and see

everyone in the room is gone.


I bumped into Jo all day

there may now be some talk

everywhere I went there he was

I really didn’t mean to stalk.


Then I came up behind Sue

while walking down the hall

all I said was, “hello.”

But I scared her and she did fall.


To ease tensions in the group –

humor is what I went after

instead, I received blank stares

and definitely no laughter.


So now when all is said

and everything is done

I just hope my awkwardness

did not offend anyone!

© 2014 ck’s days


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4 thoughts on “Sometimes My Prayers Sound Something Like This

  1. I’m sure ‘He’ doesn’t mind how you pray, as long as it’s sincere. People on the other hand, can be difficult to please sometimes, and misunderstandings are easy. At least God understands us! 🙂

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