Spring is comin’!

Yesterday, I pulled into my driveway after work and noticed a glimpse of green.  I stopped my car for a moment and looked harder.  The green was coming from the tree in the front yard.  I call it the “Teenager Tree” because it has bad posture with a slight lean from the wind.  It’s also tall and gangly and looks like it needs to “eat a little more” to fill out.  This is the tree that drops its leaves every fall with just the mention of the word “autumn.”

You get the idea.

So, I was surprised to see green buds on it.  “It’s only April,” I said to myself, “surely, spring is not coming so soon.”

Let me explain. I live in Wyoming.  Enough said.

“If the teen is green,” I exclaimed in a happy accidental rhyme, “perhaps the lilacs are coming.”  I parked my car and went to investigate.

Sure enough, green leaves are on the lilac bushes.  And, more importantly, little tiny-baby lilacs are budding.   They are so tiny, my camera couldn’t even focus on them.  However, they are there.

Of course, this is Wyoming.  We are still due a spring snowstorm… any day now.  And that may kill the lilacs.   But for today, today it is springtime in Wyoming.


photo by ck's days

photo by ck’s days