Top 10 Reasons to live in Wyoming

1. The wind is breathtaking.  Seriously.  Wear a scarf.

2. Don’t have to worry about all those pesky seasons.

3. It’s practically, nearly, almost in the middle of the United States.

4. Slow tongues, quick minds.

5. Hones your driving skills.  Try driving when it’s snowing.  Sideways.

6. Lots of outdoor recreation (unless you are allergic to anything green.  Or once green.  Or animals.  Or dirt.)

7. Never a dull moment (unless you don’t have cable)

8. Lots of “quiet” time (perfect for hearing those “other” voices)

9. The smell of sagebrush after it rains (before it makes you sneeze)

10. Pretty darn  easy to draw a map of it.

Originally posted April 12, 2011

© 2011 ck’s days


9 thoughts on “Top 10 Reasons to live in Wyoming

  1. Yep sounds like where we live!! My fave is number 8!! love hearing those other voices!!!

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  4. Definitely! We are up in the mountains so it gets a little breezy. Today happens to be one of those kind of days in fact… :p

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