I hate to inform you but history is not a concrete study

Sometimes two unrelated events come together and school you in a lesson. That happened for me a few years ago when I was trying to rise after a failure of sorts and needed some sort of affirmation that I could be good at something.  As I tried to find some validation I decided to combine two things that I like and see if I could make a go at it. So I combined my love of public speaking with local history and sought some outlet for the two. What I settled on was conducting cemetery tours.  The lesson I learned fairly quickly is that history is not as concrete as I thought it was.  Continue reading

My neighbor’s tree

I live in a desert.  You have to understand that.  If you understand that then you’ll understand my fascination with trees.  Let’s just say, I have a lot of pictures of trees.  Especially my neighbor’s tree.



This is how it looked in the fall.  However, one day later….


First snowfall

First snowfall

We received our first snow of the season.  Isn’t that kind of early? you may ask.  That’s Wyoming.




This is how it’s faring this winter.  Like that red neck truck parked in front?  That’s Wyoming.

My birthday road trip: day 7 (500 miles)

August 9: sad day.

KOA’s are not as comfortable as they used to be.  But I was tired enough I slept most of the night.  At about 3:00am I woke up with my body telling me, “I think you may need to use the restroom.”

I convinced it otherwise.  Since I would have to leave my cabin and walk across the road I became determined to not use the facilities.

“Okay,” my body said, “but don’t blame me if the results are disastrous.”

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Birthday Road Trip 2012: Yellowstone or Bust!

As you read these very words, I am almost three hundred miles away from home.  It’s the first weekend of August which means it’s time for my annual Birthday Road Trip.  This tradition started based on my self-made theory that a birthday can’t find you if you’re not at home.  So, I’ve been 29 for ten years.  On a side note, by the 6th 29th, however, I didn’t feel very twentyish. 

Since I went to New York for a weekend in June, my pocket book demanded a low key road trip this year.  Yellowstone National Park it is.  FYI, Yellowstone is in Wyoming – not Montana.  Montana has successfully marketed their sliver of the park as West Yellowstone.  Check out a map though.  You’ll be surprised how little of the park is in Montana versus Wyoming.  Yes, I might have a small issue with the whole West Yellowstone claim to fame.  I’ll let it go for now, though.

This year the trip is just going to be Bubba and me.  That’s okay.  She is on this whole kick of being an adult now and insists on moving to Utah at the end of the month.  Something about being closer to a certain boy.  Blah, blah, blah. This trip could be our very last road trip together.  Why is everyone moving to Utah?  And no, I’m not convinced to move back.  I’ll just make new friends and miss my old ones.

But for this weekend, we will enjoy Wyoming.  First, we will stop at stinky Thermopolis and swim in the hot springs.  Then we will make our way to Cody and probably sleep pretty well after our swim stop.  Saturday we will spend the whole day in the park.  No hurry.  No agenda.  Just take our sweet time.  We’ll come home on Sunday.

map courtesy mapquest.com

Sounds like a pretty good birthday to me.

Did You Hear about this Movie?

Everyone needs a Bubba to watch movies with.  My niece Bubba can’t hide her emotions.  If she’s enjoying herself, you’ll know.  On the flip side, if there’s an angry Bubba, you’ll know that also.  Just pray you’re not the cause (ie waitress at the KOA Café at Devils Tower, my apologies).  But when Bubba is having a good time, it can be infectious.  Unless, of course, she’s having fun at your expense – but that’s a different story.

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