What’s on YOUR YouTube 3.0

I think it’s time for another round of What’s on YOUR YouTube!


Log onto YouTube and look under the history tab.  It may surprise you.  Here’s a list of some of the things I’ve looked at lately (minus the videos I’ve used in previous blogs and the embarrassing stuff (ie Big Bang Theory and Castle blooper clips.  Yes, I know that’s cheating.)


Here we go.

I think I have a few Kevin tendencies I manifest.  I’m not proud.  It’s just the way it is.  It’s been awhile since I watched this clip.  I looked it up while waiting for the few trick-or-treaters that braved the cold Halloween night.

Sometimes I have songs that play in my head.  The only way to drive them out is to listen to the recording.  Over and over again.

See above.  I actually used this for a post I wrote about my bucket list.  I decided I better get busy working on said list.

I just like dancing to this.

And I just like this song.  A lot.

And just because I think this is the coolest commercial right now.

So, what’s on YOUR YouTube?


What’s on your YouTube? by ck

What’s on your YouTube round 2? by ck


4 thoughts on “What’s on YOUR YouTube 3.0

  1. Haha!! 😀 I love the Volkswagen ad! I was wondering for a moment – but that’s Ahha’s Take On Me – that’s an 80’s song – why would that be in an ad – oh I see!!! 😆 Very good, took me by surprise! And I loved that song too. Very unique video – at the time!

    I love the Counting Stars song too! I shared that to my Tumblr blog a while back, definitely dancy. I’m still a little baffled as to exactly what the song is about though, and there seems to be a Born Again Christian meeting going on – at least that’s what it looks like anyway. And you know those chairs in that meeting, they always stand out in my mind. I remember them at the Church I was brought up in. Because it was a US based church they had a lot of furniture shipped over to the UK and in some cases even food that was served on special family days! And those little paper water cups you have in bathrooms, I used to love them. Even today neither the chairs or those cups actually exist in Britain, I sometimes wonder if I just dreamed the whole thing! Considering I’ve never been to America, it’s kind of odd that I have those memories – of chairs, and paper cups that don’t exist here!! 😀

  2. I should have posted the A-Ha video to go with the commercial. Oops. I posted it to my Facebook page and didn’t get one response. I guess I need an older fan base 🙂 (My fan base consists mainly of my nieces at the moment).
    I thought the video for Counting Stars was a little odd, too. Not sure what the take away is other than don’t hang out underneath a religious meeting?
    It’s funny the things we remember. I have some very strange memories of the oddest things. Sometimes I wonder why I can remember random things and not what I would deem more important memories. But alas, we can’t control our memories. And sometimes our memories are locked in and only freed by a stimulus (like watching a music video).
    Okay, I think I’m rambling now. How’s the book project coming?

  3. Oh the books! Well, I’m still busy just tidying up, cleaning and throwing bits of junk out of my flat at the moment. I’ve been spending so much time on this writing thing in one way or another on the internet since August 2012 when I found a writers website that I joined. So a lot of other things in my life have been neglected. I think it’s good to get those done – clear my head of all those unofficial to-do-lists! I’m still writing notes on the book I’m going to write first, and I’m hoping to get down to some writing this evening. That’s if I don’t find another few cleaning jobs that need doing. 😉 It’s amazing how many jobs that I hate suddenly become very attractive when there’s a book to be written! I think it’s quite a common problem that. This little joke pretty much sums it up!! 😀 http://wordmusing.files.wordpress.com/2012/11/561-author-writing-a-book.jpg
    But at least I haven’t got a solitaire addiction as well!! 😀

  4. Yeah, I can relate. On my days off I always have the best of intentions to be productive… but everything and anything seems more enticing when I have time. I find I work better if I’m actually… working on something else (even solitaire 😉

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