You are cordially invited….

Things are falling into place quite nicely.  As I mentioned, I have a birthday approaching.  The big 4-0.  Or as I like to call it, my eleventh 29th.

The hardest part of my birthday road trip is finished – deciding where to go.  The lucky destination that gets the pleasure of my presence is Missouri.  You might be saying, “Um, what?” right now.  Yes, Missouri beat out both the Grand Canyon (been there) and Glacier National Park in Montana (why would I want to go someplace colder?!).  But Missouri?  It has some church history spots I want to see (I can almost hear the ohhhs).  Only one small hitch in the get-up – I haven’t made any room reservations.  I can’t until payday next week. So… I might be sleeping in the car.  All are invited to join me but if it’s a party of one, that’s okay, too.  I’m ready and excited.

But this isn’t about the road trip.  This is about my birthday party and you are all invited to that, too.

See, my sister, Zoe,  did the math for me and discovered something interesting.  Tomorrow will be 40 days until my birthday.  My 40 to 40, if you will.  Ready to celebrate?

40 2 40

To help me ring in middle age and oldsville, I am throwing a 40 day party.  Starting tomorrow I am asking you to do something every day until August 5th (which, in my opinion, is probably the best day of the whole stinkin’ year).  Here are your choices and feel free to do one, two, or three a day!

Here’s how you can help celebrate my birthday:

  1. Do something brave – something you have never done before
  2. Do something kind – a random act of service
  3. Be grateful – send a thank-you card to someone different each day

Do one, two, or three of these every day starting tomorrow and culminating on August 5th.   I’d like to say I’ll accomplish all three every day but let’s be realistic.  I live in a small town and live in a bit of a rut.  There’s no possible way I could do number 1 for forty days.  But I’m going to do at least one of the goals every day.

True, there is no reason for you to join me.  But I sure hope you will and keep me posted.  Otherwise, it will be me by myself at my own party.  For forty lonely days.  Insert sad emoticon here :~(

“All by myself… don’t wanna be… all by myself.”

Won’t you join me at my birthday party?

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