Cali Traveler

Hello there,

to the Cali plates in front of me

on a blue

Dodge traveling on I-80

heading west.

It looks like you’re heading home

I wonder

why did you have to go and roam.

I sure hope

it was a good vacation

that had you

heading in my direction

with many

fun tales to tell and share

to your friends

with no worries or cares.

It looks like

your journey will be ending

and my trip –

well, I’m just at the beginning.

Our travels

converge briefly on this road

as we journey

while carrying our separate load.

We’ll share this

small stretch for an hour or so

leap frogging –

at times I’ll lead, sometimes I’ll follow.

You probably

don’t notice my white Toyota

because you’re

thinking of California.

Goodbye Cali –

I say as you exit to a small town

we never met

but I sure hope you get home safe and sound.

© 2013 ck’s days


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