Some details need to be shared with the rest of us…

photo 01

I saw this photo on MSN photos Friday while at work.  The little blurb that accompanied it said something along the lines of a giraffe traveling 900 miles.  I swear that’s it.  No, I can’t prove it.

This is my train of thought:  “That giraffe is not going to fit in that truck.  There’s no way it can be humane to transport it like that.  Surely, there is an opening in the top of the truck for it to poke its head out.”  The timing of that last thought was unfortunate.  The trailer for Hangover 3 had just finished inundating commercial breaks for weeks. Perhaps you’ve seen it, too?  It involved a giraffe, a vehicle, and an underpass.  Just to be clear,  I’ve never watched any of the Hangover movies – nor do I plan to.  Just not my thing.  But I did see the preview that played almost every single commercial break.

Warning:  do not watch the video if you’re at all squeamish.  Or a giraffe lover.

In my defense, I tried clicking on the picture to get more of the story but our handy IT team blocked it due to it being classified as “games and recreation.”

So, I couldn’t find out the rest of the story until I got home.  I swear, I did not see the word “taxidermy” anywhere in the blurb at work.  It’s amazing what you find out when you can see the whole picture and read the whole article.

photo 02

The giraffe is stuffed folks, nothing to worry about here.

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