Meet my neighbor, the super villain

“Hummmmmmm,” it’s unavoidable to miss.

It started several weeks ago.  Some kind of low toned, powerful machine droning that disturbed the stillness of my quiet neighborhood.  Whatever it is, it’s not loud.  Just low and consistent.  If I had to describe it (which I do since I’m trying to write about it) I’d call it an eerie hum.   If I’m outside when it happens, it gives me a dull headache.  However, that could be more from the worry about a possible alien craft hovering above my head in stealth mode.  There’s no point complaining about the noise to anyone because it’s not exactly loud.  More felt than anything.

But where does it come from?

I narrowed it down to somewhere behind my house.  I walked to the fence and looked down the alley then up it slowly trying to pinpoint the source.  I couldn’t.  The vibrations bounced off every obstruction along the way.  Sometimes I thought it was definitely coming from somewhere down the road.  Until I was absolutely sure it was coming from somewhere up the hill.

One day, the neighbors behind us took down their old steel fence.  I can’t blame them for that, that fence has been a fixture ever since I can remember.  Pretty old.  However , they replaced it with a cheaper chain link fence.  We can now see into their yard from our kitchen window.  This has already produced some awkward moments.

But yesterday the hum came back and lo and behold, there was the source of the hum.  The source of all those creepy, eerie feelings.  Our neighbors behind us have some kind of huge generator in their backyard.

Um, why?

Call it poor timing, but I had been watching super hero day on FX ALL DAY.  So obviously, my first thoughts weren’t what you would call logical.   My deduction in the matter:  apparently I lived behind some kind of mastermind villain doing what evil geniuses do best – plotting to take out the world with some kind of huge mechanism.  I must say, my neighbor is not the most brilliant of the masterminds.  I mean, why take down a perfectly good impenetrable steel fence and put up a very transparent chain link one when you’re up to no good?  Hmmm. What kind of devious plan is our evil villain neighbor up to?

I’ve watched enough of the movies to know this scenario doesn’t bode well for me.  I’m neither the hero nor the villain in this story which means I’m the expendable nosey neighbor.  Oh, dang me!

3 thoughts on “Meet my neighbor, the super villain

  1. Strange goings on with your neighbours! :I Low level hums can sometimes be the most annoying noise. There is one near where I live, coming somewhere from an office block a few doors away from my house, very annoying in summer when the windows are open a lot! Seems to get a lot louder at night too, and I’ve never really discovered what it is, possibly some kind of air conditioning I’m guessing. The most annoying thing about it, is the noise can hardly be heard standing outside the building in their car park. But return to my house – and there it is, louder than ever! I think after all these years I’m finally learning to tune it out, or perhaps it wearing out!! 😆

  2. Honestly, it probably isn’t any louder than our ac in the summer. I think it just bothered me not knowing what it was. I haven’t noticed at all the past couple of days. Of course, I might be wearing out, too! 🙂 Best of luck with your noise pollution!

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