A tale of two Jord’ns

This may or may not have taken place.  Okay, some of it did.  Some of it did not but I thought it would enhance the story.  I’ll let you decide what is fact and what is embellishment.

Cast of characters:

Jordan – a former young woman in my youth group.  I was her leader and consider her a friend.

Jordyn – my youngest niece.  I hope she considers me more than a friendly aunt.

Keep in mind, you will be privy to information that is not available during a verbal conversation.  After all, we don’t say, “Jor-DAN” or “Jor-DYN.”  We say, “Jord’n.”

One day Jordan told me, “Some people think you’re my aunt.”

Ha, ha.  That’s funny.  I laughed about it.  But then I realized that maybe she might not think it’s so funny.  Maybe she takes it as an insult.  “I’m sorry,” I apologized even though I had nothing to do with it.  I can’t control the information that is out in the world let alone the misinformation.

About midnight I had a realization.  I am Jordyn’s aunt.  Just not Jordan’s aunt.  That must be where the confusion came from.  Ohhhh.

Fast forward about a year.

I was talking to someone, let’s call her Tabitha.

Tabitha:  And how big is your family?

Me:  I have one brother and two sisters.   My brother lives in this state and my two sisters live out of state.

Tabitha:  And how many nieces and nephews?

Me:  Four nieces and one nephew.   My sister has a daughter and the rest are my brother’s kids.

Tabitha:  And is Jordan your sister’s?

Me:  (looking confused) No, Jordyn is my brother’s youngest.

Tabitha: (looking confused) Oh.  (pause)  How is she doing?  (referring to Jordan away at college)
Me: (assuming she’s referring to Jordyn’s recent fainting spell)  She’s doing good.

Tabitha:  She’s such a sweetheart (applies to both but referring to Jordan)

Me:  Yeah, she’s a good kid (applies to both but referring to Jordyn).

About midnight I replayed the conversation in my head and thought, “I wonder if she meant Jordan?”

Hmmm.  I don’t think anybody has ever had this problem when discussing me.

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