The Day I Sneezed and Lived to Tell About It

I can’t remember things so well. And I definitely can’t remember the long ago time that happened in grade school. You don’t need to know specifics on how long ago that is. Let’s just say, it’s been a few years. There are a few things I can though.

For example, eating paste is frowned upon. Coloring inside the lines scores you stickers. And when asked to do the daily routine of picking up the trash under your desk never, ever try putting your litter in your neighbor’s space. Trust me. Grade school is filled with tattle tales that will get you in trouble for a gold star sticker. It’s just not worth it.

Then there was the time we had a special guest speaker come in to speak to us. His kid was in the class and kind of annoying. The kid may or may not have had friends. That is one of the details not loading in my memory database. What I do remember is his dad told us cold water kills more germs than hot water. I believed him. When I told my mom that story many years later she became quite upset. It also explained why I always washed the dishes in cold water.

And the most important thing I learned in grade school? This little gem of an info-nugget: your heart stops when you sneeze. This may or may not have been shared by a teacher. It may have been a fellow student that came in with this news. The students discussed it with a little bit of awe and fear. We surmised that a person could survive one or two sneezes. Possibly three. But anything after that would be pushing it.

Thanks to this little news I learned clear back in grade school I still get nervous whenever I sneeze. I check my pulse when I’m done just to make sure I’m still kicking. The other day I sneezed seven times in a row. I’m lucky to be alive.

So, I’m asking now that I’m a grown woman. Is this fact or fiction?


One thought on “The Day I Sneezed and Lived to Tell About It

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